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Customer Service - IBIS


IB offers 24-hour customer service via regional Customer Service Centers located through-out America, Europe and Asia. While there's an agent always available to assist with your inquiries, answers can oftentimes be found quickest and without a phone call directly from IB's website and Knowledge Base. The list of Quick Tips below contains responses to the most common questions and answers to others can be found by entering keywords associated with your inquiry into the search engine above.

Quick Tips

Select your local time zone from the drop-down list below to determine which Service Center is currently available to take your call. Calls received by a given Service Center outside local operating hours will be automatically routed to an available agent at another Service Center.

Calls to Interactive Brokers' Service Desks may be recorded for quality control purposes.

Location Number Hours of Operation Menu Options
United States 1 (877) 442-2757 Toll free
1 (312) 542-6901 Direct dial
20:00 (Mon - Fri) - 08:00 (Tue - Sat) (Asia/Hong Kong)
01:00 (Mon) - 07:00 (Mon) (Asia/Hong Kong)
1/6 Market Data, IBIS
   1/6/1 Market Data
   1/6/2 IBIS

Canada 1 (877) 745-4222 Toll free
1 (514) 847-3499 Direct dial
20:00 (Mon - Fri) - 05:30 (Tue - Sat) (Asia/Hong Kong)
Europe 00800-42-276537 Toll free
+41-41-726-9500 Direct dial
14:00 (Mon - Fri) - 02:00 (Tue - Sat) (Asia/Hong Kong)
Hong Kong +852-2156-7907 Direct dial 08:00 - 17:00 (Mon - Fri) (Asia/Hong Kong)