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Interactive Brokers Group Strength and Security

Account Protection

Clients of Interactive Brokers Australia (IB Australia) may be able to access compensation available under the National Guarantee Fund (NGF) in circumstances prescribed in Division 4 of Part 7.5 of the Corporations Regulations, including losses resulting from the failure of a market participant, but excluding losses resulting from the decrease in market value of financial products. Subject to the size of the NGF, there is no maximum amount of compensation that applies to any individual claim; however, if a market participant were to become insolvent, the maximum amount of compensation that may be available for all clients of the market participant collectively would be no more than 15% of the total value of the NGF.

The NGF is administered by the Securities Exchange Guarantee Corporation. For more information regarding the NGF, including the claims process, etc., please refer to the following website:


Or contact Securities Exchange Guarantee Corporation at:
Securities Exchanges Guarantee Corporation Limited
Level 21
Australia Square
264 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000
Phone:02 8216 0231

For information regarding how IBA handles client money, details of our professional indemnity insurance policy and other important matters, please consult the IB Australia Financial Services Guide which can be found here: