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Interactive Advisors is a pioneer in online investing and part of the Interactive Brokers Group. Interactive Advisors offers dozens of portfolios, including low-cost Asset Allocation and Smart Beta portfolios, actively managed portfolios and portfolios built based on data licensed from leading asset managers. Current Interactive Brokers clients can easily partition their existing IBKR brokerage account to invest in Interactive Advisors portfolios. All transactions are executed and all commissions are charged by our affiliate Interactive Brokers LLC - one of the lowest cost brokers.


Asset Allocation Portfolios
  • Interactive Advisors creates a low-cost, diversified portfolio customized for your needs and risk tolerance
  • The portfolios allocate capital to an equity component, a bond component and an inflation-hedging component.
  • Together these help deliver diversification, which in turn leads to risk reduction and return stability.
Smart Beta and Actively Managed Portfolio
  • Interactive Advisors provides low-cost access to well-diversified portfolios using data from industry leaders and its own investment team as well as a curated selection of talented investment managers who have a mandate to pursue enhanced returns.
  • You can switch portfolios, whenever you want, without fees or penalties.
Socially Responsible Investing Portfolios


Interactive Advisors