Solutions for Australian Trust Accounts

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Our strong capital position, conservative balance sheet and automated risk controls protect IB and our clients from large trading losses.

Interactive Brokers Group (IBG LLC) equity capital exceeds $7 billion1. 18.5% of IBG LLC is owned by the publicly traded company, Interactive Brokers Group, Inc. and the remaining 81.5% is owned by our employees and affiliates.

Unlike other firms, where management owns a small share, we participate substantially in the downside just as much as in the upside which makes us run our business conservatively. We hold no material positions in OTC securities or derivatives. We hold no CDOs, MBS or CDS. The gross amount of our portfolio of debt securities, with the exception of US governments debt securities, is less than 10% of our equity capital.

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  1. Includes Interactive Brokers Group and its affiliates.

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We offer many customer account structures that are designed to meet the specific needs of Australian Trust accounts.

Trust Account Structure

Legally established entity in Australia in which assets are held by one or more trustees for the benefit of one or more beneficiaries. There are a number of different types of trust in Australia, including fixed trusts, unit trusts, discretionary trusts, bare trusts, hybrid trusts, testamentary trusts and charitable trusts, amongst others. While some types of trusts are used in many commercial arrangements, for example, unit trusts are commonly used to facilitate managed investment schemes, the IBAU trust account is not suitable for financial advisers, introducing brokers, managed investment schemes or hedge funds etc. IBAU has developed separate, tailored account types for accountholders operating financial services business of this nature as such.

Trust account structure chart for stock traders
Account Information

Accounts are geared towards professional/active traders and investors; therefore we require the following from customers:

  • Good or extensive product knowledge for any product you wish to trade.
  • You must have executed at least 100 trades for any product type, or 100 simulated trades in our real-time demo.

Must be 18 years or over to open an account.

Please note that monthly activity and other minimum fees may apply.

  1. Beginning January 1, 2019, accounts with a Net Asset Value (NAV) of USD 100,000 (or equivalent) or more will be paid interest at the full rate for which they are eligible. Accounts with NAV of less than USD 100,000 (or equivalent) will receive interest at rates proportional to the size of the account. For more information, see
  2. Barron's estimated a customer's monthly costs at each of the 16 brokers in the 2018 "Best Online Broker" ranking. Interactive Brokers was the lowest cost for the Frequent and Occasional trader. For complete information, click here.
  3. According to Online Broker Survey 2019: Read the full article Online Broker Reviews, February 18, 2019. "Lowest margin rates in the industry".
  4. Lower investment costs will increase your overall return on investment, but lower costs do not guarantee that your investment will be profitable.
  5. Margin accounts are only available for corporate customers of IB Australia that qualify as either wholesale or professional investor. For more details click here. Margin borrowing is only for sophisticated investors with high risk tolerance. You may lose more than your initial investment.